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About Mountains of Hope

Mountains of Hope is West Virginia's Comprehensive Cancer Coalition and is made up of over 150 health care professionals, volunteers, cancer survivors, and advocates from across the Mountain State. Coalition members meet at least twice a year (once in the southern part of the state, typically Charleston, and once in the northern part of the state around Fairmont). The meetings are used to provide educational information to the members and allow the priority workgroups time to work on their agendas. The Coalition is the author of the state's blueprint, for addressing cancer, The West Virginia Cancer Plan 2016-2020.
The Coalition seeks to:
                  • enhance communication throughout the state's cancer community,
                  • maximize scarce resources,
                  • identify gaps in services and resources, and
                  • identify common challenges in the fight against cancer
In seeking to coordinate cancer control activities statewide, Mountains of Hope focuses its ongoing efforts on the development and maintenance of cancer control activities in the Mountain State while encouraging effective partnerships among cancer control advocates and their allies.

Information about the structure of the Coalition's leadership can be found under the "Leadership" tab. Information about the current workgroups and their projects and activities can be found under the "Get Involved" tab.

Agents of Hope
Agents of Hope are community volunteers who actively promote cancer awareness in their local communities and support and promote the mission and vision of the Coalition. Agents of Hope encourage positive behavior change, especially in rural and isolated communities.